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SG Tittar 跌打



Ranges from Bonesetting, Tuina, Gua Sha, Cupping, to Osteopathy


Restore the flow of positive energy throughout your body

Chinese Medicine

Boost your energy and immunity, relieve pain, rebalance your inner system

About SG Tittar

SG TITTAR was established in 2018 with the aim of helping people who sought relief from chronic pain through rehabilitative therapy treatment.

We started our humble beginnings in Chinatown, providing Tit Tar services (跌打) to people from of all walks of life. As our business grew, we moved to Shen Eon to enhance and modernize the perception of Traditional Tit Tar.



C.L. Method Tittar

Combining the healing art of traditional Chinese medicine practices with modern medical approaches such as the utilisation of X-rays, strict hygiene standards, and biomechanical theories, C.L. Method provides each and every one of its patients an all-holistic and all-natural therapy.

Aside from this, each of our Chinese Medicine Therapists undergo years of extensive tutelage and training before being qualified to treat patients in CL Method Tit Tar.


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