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Since 2018


SG TITTAR was established in 2018 with the aim of helping people who sought relief from chronic pain through rehabilitative therapy treatment.

We started our humble beginnings in Chinatown, providing Tit Tar services (跌打) to people from of all walks of life. As our business grew, we moved to Eon Shenton to enhance and modernize the perception of Traditional Tit Tar.

Overtime, SG TITTAR also expanded our services to include other aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), such as acupuncture and health supplements to offer the general public with a one-stop-solution for all TCM-related health concerns.

Founder, Mr Elvis Yeo
Our Vision

To be the trusted industry leader in modernising traditional rehabilitative therapy treatment through the development of new modalities by integrating and innovating traditional treatment with modern technology.

Our Mission

To consistently improve and deliver excellent quality treatment and services with integrity and care when helping our clients in achieving their health goals.

Our Core Values
  • Customer satisfaction focus
  • Accountability, quality and proactive mindset
  • Direct and constructive communication 
  • Teamwork
  • Sportsman mentality. 

C.L. Method Tit Tar therapy

Master Chris Leong

Master Chris Leong is one of Malaysia’s leading Bone Setting Specialist, who uses a combination of traditional Chinese methods with new-age diagnostic and healing practices that help to relieve debilitating stiffness. 

The Apprenticeship

The first time Elvis met Master Chris Leong was in Kuala Lumpur when he sought treatment for a knee injury. He was extremely impressed with Master Chris Leong’s abilities at that time.

Several months later, Elvis once again sought treatment from Master Chris Leong after sustaining a severe dislocated shoulder while participating in a night cycling tour in Malacca. 

Overtime, their friendship grew tremendously. On one occasion, Master Chris Leong asked if Elvis would like to learn from him and they hit it off immediately.

The graduation

Elvis began travelling with Master Chris Leong to perform treatments and gained his experience. After a couple of years, he sought and received Master Chris Leong’s blessings to set up his own business back in Singapore. 

Our Team
Elvis Yeo

Elvis Yeo


Victor Ong

Victor Ong

TCM Physician

Lo Chuen Hing

Lo Chuen Hing

TCM physician

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